Seth's Rant for June 24, 2003

Beer Flies Like a Shoe

This isn't really a proper rant, but more of a set of instructional observations.

  1. Flies like beer.
  2. Flies like the beer you are drinking, not that decoy beer across the table.
  3. Wire mesh patio tables are bouncy.
  4. It is best to pick up your beer before trying to swat the fly that is on the wire mesh patio table.
  5. Shoes do not like beer.
  6. It is best to drink beer at restaurants with open patios that you can step quietly off of without tracking beer past all the other patrons.

The moral of this story, if any, is left to the reader to discern.

This rant solely reflects the opinion of the author, probably while he was half asleep, drunk, or otherwise incapacitated. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of his employer, his friends, or possibly the author in a more conscious state. Hate mail will be prosecuted. Constructive criticism may be posted or ignored. Have a nice day.

Seth B. Noble - Rant - - June 24, 2003